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Our team has been carefully built to meet the broad-spectrum demands of our clients. We have worked hard to maintain the careful balance of experience and fresh ideas, creative thought and technological know-how – and we are proud of the results. Our executive group is focused on providing clear, accountable leadership and to promoting trust, teamwork and autonomy. It is our firm belief that in an environment where all employees and their perspectives are valued, individuals realize their full potential and all parties; the employee, the client and the employer realize the many benefits.

David Smith


“Working with our talented staff to develop and build a value chain that is unparalleled in the industry, and then experiencing the excitement of their growth is more satisfying than I can express. Listening to our customers share these experiences and how they have also grown, drives us to continue to work even harder towards a valuable relationship.”

David is focused on overall operations and plays an integral part in the ongoing success of the company.

Domenic Rubino


“I am passionate about creativity, teamwork and client partnerships. I see my mandate at the TI Group of companies as providing the motivation and leadership to accelerate our company culture. In doing so, people are inspired to reach beyond each and every day and focus on ideas that enhance the value of our client’s brand. I love what I do.”

Domenic’s key focus is developing the vision and associated growth and marketing strategies of TI Group.

Timothy K. Wood, CPA, CA


“While focused on family, skiing, golfing and boating, I am proud of the totally integrated organization that we have built through the several successful mergers, acquisitions that supplement the organic growth and brings more value to our clients. I look forward to continuing to build the organization, expanding the product offering while integrating financial systems.”

Developing the TI Group financial systems to accommodate the changing market requirements is Tim’s focus.

Peter Spring


“Developing and implementing strategies that reflect the changing market place is a perfect fit for me. I enjoy working with people to encourage a culture that challenges the status quo to find better ways to get things done. On a daily basis I embrace change management and disruptive technology. Within my mandate, communicating the potential that continuous change can bring is critical. It is a great time to be in this business.”

Peter is focused on building customer-facing solutions that integrate retail programs with new technology alongside business development.

Alice Chan

Vice President, Finance and Administration

“People perceive that accountants are just number crunchers. Proper financial reporting provides key indicators and tools for managing a company effectively: profitability and productivity measurements, budgetary and internal controls and comparative figures within the company and the market place. I am passionate about being part of team that executes a strategy based upon solid financial reporting.”

Alice is a CMA and has been working for the TI Group of companies for over 15 years.